Tennisketcher som haveredskab

Tennisketcheren er et rigtigt godt haveredskab. Den kan nemlig bruges til at smashe dræbersnegle og andre uønskede ting over i naboens have! Havedesigner David Domoney kommer i The Daily Telegraph med en række “gode” eller nok nærmere underholdende råd om, hvordan man kan bruge dagligdags remedier til at gøre haven smukkere. Læs artiklen her eller se listen herunder.

Jeg må understrege, at der ikke rigtig er nogen af dem, som jeg vil anbefale, bortset fra ølfælden, der jo er en gammel klassiker.

VIAGRA – A tab of viagra put into a vase of flowers will stiffen the blooms. Soluble aspirin works also works. 

BANANA SKINS – Put banana skins fleshy side down on the flower bed to feed roses. 

BEER – Bury half a cup of beer level with the soil and use as a slug trap. What a way to go! 

OLD UNDERWEAR – Socks, G-strings and stockings work as tree ties because they expand and and break down, unlike

plastic ties that can cut into the tree. 

VODKA – A shot of the spirit in a vase stops the water going green with algae. 

ROLL-ON DEODORANT – Pop out the ball of an empty bottle and fill with weed killer. Great for spot-killing weeds without 

killing other plants around the lawn. Make sure to label correctly! 

COKE – The fizzy drink is a good fertilizer for pot plants but make sure to use full fat. 

NAILS AND BRILLO PADS – Rust is great for limey soil. Pop the nails around the plant and they will proivde iron for 

plants like rhododendrons as they break down. 

TEA – Great food for azaleas and other plants and for fertilising hanging baskets 

EGG SHELLS – Put egg shells in the microwave and smash them up then spread them around sensitive plants like 

petunas. Slugs will not crawl over the area it because it is too sharp – like us walking on glass. 

FAIRY LIQUID – Washing up soap in a spritzer is an easy way to get rid of green fly and black fly on plants. 

SOAP – Grate soap into holes where you are planting bulbs as it stops squirrels coming to eat the bulbs later on. 

BROOM HANDLE – By masking indentations in the soil with a broom handle you can ensure more water is absorbed by 

the plant. 

DEEP HEAT – Musle relaxant sprayed on a tea bag and placed around the garden acts as a harmless repellant to keep 

out cats. 

ICE CUBES – Fill a carrier bag and spike it with holes then place over your blooms. As the ice melts slowly it will keep 

your blooms hydrated for longer. 

SUGAR – An easy food for house plants. 

TENNIS RACKET OR BAMBOO CAIN – Very useful for flipping slugs and other nasties into other people’s gardens. 

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  1. Ha, den var god!

    Vi ‘bruger’ frøer og tudser mod snegle, men det kræver vist at man også har en sø 🙂

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